Rich Red Linen Napkins - Set of Two

  • £14.00

We love these beautiful rich red linen napkins, that bring so much warmth to the tabletop. Made from 100% Flax Seed Linen, these red napkins are incredibly durable, so perfect for sustainable living as they’ll stand the test of time.

Linen napkins are great for messy eaters as well, thanks to linen’s fabulous qualities, they can absorb up to 20% of their own weight in liquid before feeling damp. Oh, and they get softer with every wash!

Pair our napkins with our 100% linen tablecloths as well, for an even more relaxed feel in the dining room.

What to know more about linen? Read our blog on why we think linen is so wonderful.

Sold in a pack of two.
Oeko-tex certified (free from harmful qualities).
Handwash of machine wash at 40c.
Iron on medium heat if necessary.