Choosing the right fragrance

Choosing the right fragrance

We love a candle here at Koko & Smokey. The perfect household accessory for any mood and the good thing is, we have loads of them from UK candle company, St. Eval. 

Whether you want to feel completely refreshed, snuggle down and feel cosy with festive scents, or relax and unwind with calming natural scents, our handy guide will help you pick the perfect scent for your mood. 

Orange & Cinnamon

A wonderfully warm and tangy scent, with hints of spice to really cosy-up your evening. Perfect for those wanting a snuggly evening in, or for those wanting a hint of festive spirit. 

Buy as a beautiful pillar candle, multi-wick, or gift someone special our tin candles.

Winter Thyme 

Nestle in and surround yourself with woody notes mixed with rosemary and thyme. Bring the joyous season to your living room with these uplifting scents that bring the magic of winter to your home. 

Available as Christmas tin candles, perfect for gifting, pillar candles and multi-wicks.

Bay & Rosemary

A truly heavenly aroma to uplift your house hold. One of St.Eval's best-selling scents, their Bay & Rosemary candle whips up the floral scents found in English gardens for a fresh, rejuvenated fragrance.  


One of our favourite, most relaxing scents from St.Eval is Inspiritus. Perfect for the cooler times of the year when you want warming up at home. Blending cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and vanilla, this subtly sweet fragrance will uplift you just when you need it. 


Relax and unwind with St.Eval's Sandalwood scent. A mix of eucalyptus and bay leaf for a heavier, warming scent which will wrap you up in its gorgeous blend of woody, earthy aromas. 


Enjoy a calming evening with St.Evals Tranquillity candles which blend the scents of oranges, lavender and ylang-ylang. A gorgeous fragrance designed to relax anyone who enters the room which the soft, sweet aroma. 


A beautifully light, feminine fragrance which blends nutmeg, citrus and ginger. Floral notes to uplift your home and help you sink on in to a relaxing home time. 

Figgy Pudding 

'Now bring us some figgy pudding...' Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves. A wonderfully, festival scent which will transport you to Christmas time. With sweet, and fruity scents, the Figgy Pudding Christmas candle will whisk you away to your very own winter wonderland. 

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