Living Sustainably with Koko & Smokey

Living Sustainably with Koko & Smokey

Here at Koko & Smokey we love our planet. Being based in the South Downs we're surrounded by its natural beauty every single day, and we want to operate business as sustainably as we can, while helping you to live sustainably too. 

How we go about business

We're a very small business at the moment, all based out of our home, which is great as it means no fuel spent on petrol. We also stock as little stock as possible, so nothing is wasted at the end of the day, and we hold onto our precious materials as we can't afford to waste anything. From a financial and sustainable point of view. 

In our offices, we limit printing and the use of paper. We are lucky to live in a time where laptops can hold everything, and we will make use of that to ensure as little waste as possible. 

Any paper waste, or waste we accumulate when we receive our goods will get recycled appropriately.

Our packaging

We cannot explain how grateful we are when you purchase something from us. Therefore, when we send your items out, we don't want them to break. We will use as much packaging that we think is appropriate to keep your purchase safe in transit. We understand this sometimes seems a lot when it turns up, however, we use recycled materials where we can and will use materials you can either re-use or re-cycle. 

Our products 

We love our home, and want you to as well. When we buy items, we want them to last, and that's our mindset when buying for Koko & Smokey too. 

Everything we buy, we have three key things in mind. Quality, locality (we buy no further than Europe) and sustainability. 

If a product hasn't been made with recycled material, will it still last just as long, and is it local enough that it won't use too much fuel to get here? If it is made using recycled materials, how durable is it? Is the quality still what we'd expect, again, how local is it? These are all the types of questions we ask ourselves when piecing together our ranges. 

What this means for you

Well, we hope this means you love us that little bit more. And we hope it encourages yourself and others to live the most sustainable life we can. 

If you have any suggestions, questions or ideas as to how we can operate more sustainably, or you have ideas on how others can live sustainably at home, do let us know! 

We know this mission will never be complete, and we'll continue to update you on how we are loving our planet well.