Lucy, Founder of Koko & Smokey

Say Hello to Koko & Smokey

Hello hello!

Thank you for popping by to Koko & Smokey, we REALLY appreciate you being here and hope you love the experience of shopping with us.

I thought i’d start off by telling you a bit about who we are and why we exist!

My name’s Lucy and quite frankly, I love my home. I enjoy relaxing, entertaining, doing-up and even the odd bit of intense cleaning!! For me my home is where I feel most relaxed and I love creating little moments of joy around each corner. I’m a sucker for a big pumpkin fireplace display during the autumn months, love a beautiful table setting for Christmas dinner, and enjoy creating little sections filled with candles, vases and flowers wherever I can fit them. I’ll often come downstairs the next morning and forget I’ve decked my living room out with a million Christmas decorations, or have treated myself to a new fireplace display and it fills me with a big surprise in which I stand back with a big old smile on my face. 

That feeling there is what I want Koko & Smokey to release in you. We’re all so eager to keep moving, get outside and be busy bees, that we actually don’t take the time to relax and enjoy those little ‘at home’ moments.

It’s too easy now to walk down the high-street, or browse on line and be greeted with parred back tones, neutral colours and a lot of white and beige, which, don’t get me wrong, we do love, but where’s the colour?! Where are those items which you rush over to pick up in a store just to see how amazing it looks.

You might be a lover of neutral designs, and that’s ok, but have a play with texture. Or you might love splashes of colour from wall to wall. Whatever you love we wanted to create a brand which lets you express yourself and feel creative at home again.

Happy shopping!