Let's Introduce Denby Pottery

Let's Introduce Denby

Hello there! We wanted to take a moment today to introduce you properly to Denby Pottery. A British manufacturer specialising in stoneware, cast iron and porcelain since 1809. 

Based in Derbyshire, at the same site their founder settled on all those years ago, Denby Pottery are well known for their uncompromising products which excel in practicality, durability and design. 

They pride themselves on creating products with conscious decision making from both a sustainable and design stand point. You can read more about Denby's sustainability focus in our guide here

As mentioned, Denby can't be faulted when it comes to the practicality of their products. Each product is designed with its intended use in mind. For instance, can you fit enough lasagne sheets in this oven dish? Can you hold the handles of the casserole pot with confidence? Can you get your fingers through the handle of the mug? So, you can rest assured that with every product you buy from Denby, it'll be perfect for your home. 

Not only are their products practical, they are all designed for multi-use as well. For instance you could pop your cast iron dish on the oven and the hob, their stoneware breakfast bowls can be popped in the microwave, the oven and the freezer. Great products come from Denby, and one of the reasons is because when you buy, you can get so much use out of one thing. 

Thanks to the wonderful materials Denby use in their products, as well as the glazes and finishes, Denby products will stand the test of time whilst looking really beautiful. The glazes used means each product is chip and scratch resistant, so for house holds where tea time is a busy time, don't worry if you cause a little bump, your Denby product will last. Denby are so confident in this, they have a ten year guarantee on all stoneware products.

If you're looking for kitchen or tableware which is gorgeous as well as durable, then Denby ticks that box as well. Believe it or not, but even now, all Denby products are handmade. They say twenty pairs of hands are part of the products journey. From potters, to glazers, technicians...the list goes on, but all of Denby's staff are highly skilled in what they do. 

Glazes are created through experimentation and go-to ingredients which inspire new ranges. Bowls, plates, dishes are made through various techniques such as hand-throwing, line drawing, computer-aided-design support. Whatever you buy from Denby, you can buy knowing that it was lovingly made by some of the UK's finest craftsmen. 

If you've treated yourself to something from Denby, read our care guide for Denby products here.