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Shop Well, Shop Once, Shop Denby.

We wanted to introduce you to Denby Pottery because not only are they British with all of their products still made in Derbyshire (all handmade!), their products are undeniably some of the best kitchen and tableware products out there.

Denby has been a household name since 1809, and are still at the same location as they were when they first began. With sustainability as part of their focus for over 200 years, it has always been at the forefront when designing products. 

I think it's safe to say, one of the first things that come to mind when you think of Denby is how durable their products are. Made from a range of materials, their stoneware collection is probably the most well known and is made from clay next to the site they're based at. Whether they're designing a Denby breakfast bowl, cast iron oven dishes or mugs for your morning coffee, Denby think with a conscious hat on. Producing products that are incredibly durable, strong, practical and have a multi-purpose.

Not only are they conscious about what happens in your home, they take a strong stance on sustainability within their factories too. Listed below are just some of what they get up to to stay that little bit greener: 

Zero to Landfill
On their process waste they have a Zero to Landfill policy and as an entire organisation they take less than 1% to landfill on all other waste.

Minimal Transportation
Denby use clay which is literally on their doorstep. So no need to worry about drivers putting the miles in to deliver their supplies.

Energy Consumption & Saving
Denby are the leaders within their industry and reducing their energy consumption and regularly hit targets of 15% lower than competitors. As well as this, they put their handymen to work, installing energy-saving lighting systems and optimising that gas usage in their kilns.

Recycled Glaze
Every year Denby recycles over 100,000 litres of glaze during the glazing process and will efficiently re-use their resources.

Recycled Clay
The areas of land they use to extract clay, is where any un-used clay is returned. Because their quality is so high, any clay which has faults, will be returned to the site and turned into new stoneware at a later date.

So, if you're focused on sustainable living too, Denby is the perfect brand for you.

Shop well, shop once with Denby. 

To find out more about what Denby Pottery are up to when it comes to sustainability, read their very own guide here.